Angela Hopkins first came across clay when she made pinch pots in preschool, and has been captivated by it as a medium ever since. Having grown up on the BC Coast, her work is organic and draws heavily from nature as inspiration. After graduating from Emily Carr, she became a founding member of the Dusty Babes Collective, an all-female artist group who share a studio in South Surrey.


Artist Statement

I primarily make functional pottery as it is a more accessible form of art that can be integrated into people’s lives instead of being set apart.  I throw and alter the shape of my work to incorporate lightness and movement in its form.  Porcelain is my preferred medium as the fineness of its texture allows me to carve detailed surfaces that reveal something new each time I look at it.  The lack of colour in porcelain enhances the intensity of glazes, bringing a sense of life to my work.  I aim to create art that is both beautiful and unsettling, as it is intriguing to see how people’s reactions vary in response.

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